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What is SmsFlick!

SmsFlick! is internet-to-mobile text messaging (SMS) that also works with the most mobile providers in the world. SmsFlick works very simple and familiar does not incur additional carrier charges, it’s totally free!

SmsFlick is Easy to use and smart.

Once you registered and login, you can add your buddies phone number and start send message quickly and easily to them without text messaging costs. SmsFlick free account is intended for non commercial purpose. For commercial purpose please upgrade your account to Super Account. More information about SmsFlick Account you can find here.

Getting started

What is a Number receiver ?

Be sure that number receiver is started with code area of the receiver’s country
(E.g.. +31, +62, +1203 etc.) then the phone number without 0 (ex. The number is 0641234567, then you will enter this +31641234567, not like this +310641234567. Note that the number must be GSM or CDMA number.

Can I change or choose the number of sender?

At the moment, no. In future updates, this may be possible for user to choose the number.

Do I need Internet?

SmsFlick works with intenet either wifi or 3G(data) on your mobile phone so long it has a web browser to access

Does SmsFlick support all providers in the world?

Almost. SmsFlick supports the most providers in the world. SmsFlick allows you to report if there no supported provider that can’t receive messages from because we are still working on it and willing to make more beter in the future. Your important report will be useful for us.

Using SmsFlick

I have sent a message but it’s not delivered, why?

Unfortunately the receiver’s provider does not support our service. We’re still working on it. Ask the receiver if he/she has another mobile provider, and try send a message again, it must be work to another provider. Otherwise you can always report the problem about unsupported provider here and for exclusive update please join our facebook group and fans.

How can the receiver reply my SMS that I sent from

When you write a message for your friends or families don’t forget to write your name as well. Because your messages from will be sent by SmsFlick’s numbers.
This is a one way SMS service, it means no one will be able to send/reply SMS to SmsFlick’s number. Make sure that the receiver know that you send SMS using free SMS service, and they know your number as well so that they would reply your messages to your own number.

Is it possible to send text message without advertisment?

SmsFlick enables advertisers to reach out to millions of mobile users through the next generation concept of advertising 'Adsms' (advertisement via SMS).
SmsFlick earns revenue by sending ads with the receipt of SMS that user sends.
This revenue funds our operation and let us to provide an excellent service with no fees. It is only possible for Super member to send SMS without advertisement.
More learn about membership you’ll find here.